Classes Offered at DANCE!

Dancing with Mommy
Creative Dance
Hippity Hop
Ballet/Tap Combination
Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combination
Classical Ballet
Hip Hop
Musical Theater
Vocal- group and private
                         Irish Step                           Karate


Dancing with Mommy (or Daddy, Gram, etc!)
This fun-filled class is for the toddler aged 1 to 3 that loves music, movement, and dance.  Child attends class with a parent. Basic motor skills are addressed through our exciting obstacle courses allowing and encouraging the children to explore and master their listening skills, balance,and team work! Fairy wands, maracas, scarves, giant parachute, balls and hoops all add to the fun between parent and child. Basic ballet steps are introduced as the class progresses through the months and by the end of the season, children are encouraged to perform on their own with their parent standing close by, cheering the whole way! This is a great introduction to dance for your child and will aid in the success of attending Creative Dance I.  Fantastic bonding experience between parent and child.
Creative Dance I (age 3 - 4)
Creative Dance II (age 4 ? 5)
Designed for our 3-5 year old students, these classes offer development in coordination, musical awareness and listening skills while incorporating ballet and tap movement in a 45 minute class.  Students are encouraged to test their creativity in a stress free environment, gaining a sense of joy and accomplishment. Sharing in a weekly positive experience, our students make new friends, gain an understanding of teamwork, and learn ballet and tap steps, along with the proper names of the taught curriculum. Dancing with magic wands, hula hoops, maracas, ribbons and scarves add to the excitement, fun, and creative imagery of each class while building self confidence, motor skill development and coordination.  Students perform a ballet and tap routine in the May DANCE! Concert.
Ballet/Tap Combination
This class is for the student age 5 ? 7, who is ready for a one hour class offering a more disciplined and technical course study then the pre-school level. Children learn the correct discipline of the ballet barre, body and foot positions, proper body alignment while working center floor and across the floor steps and combinations. In the tap portion of the class students develop a sense of rhythm and musicality through the basic movement and technique of tap. Children are taught the French terminology of the ballet steps along with the proper names of the tap steps and combinations. Ballet/Tap Combination students perform a ballet and tap routine in the May DANCE! Concert.
Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combination
This class is a continuation of the Ballet/Tap curriculum, with an introduction to jazz styles and techniques. Students will study the elements of the language and technique of the jazz discipline with an emphasis on body isolation and style. Popular and age appropriate music is used in the jazz portion of this class.  Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combination students may perform two or three routines in the May DANCE! Concert.
The one hour ballet class is offered to students age 7 and up. Students are placed in class according to
age, level of maturity, and level of proficiency. Our disciplined technique classes offer the student a
clear understanding of the ballet terminology, proper body lines and alignment, along with
encouragement to strive for grace and poise while developing a sense of stage style and strong
performance quality. Students will experience a full barre, followed by a stretch, center floor work, and
turns and leaps across the floor. Students learn adagio movement, waltz, petite and grande allegro,
and new variations each class.
Pointe class is by invitation only and students must be at least 12 years of age, having studied ballet for
many years. Having a strong understanding of proper alignment, turnout and technique are a must.
Pointe work is not for everyone, and this is considered seriously when students become of age.
Using the Limon Technique, Modern allows for a greater understanding of how the body moves.
Emphasis is placed on alignment, balalnce, strength and flexibility to help develop proper technique.
Students learn floor work, weight shifting and traveling combinations and movement. Elements of the
Horton technique are introduced to the higher level Modern students incorporating advanced, fast
paced technique classes that focus on self-expression and specificiation of movement.
Having a background in ballet training, further enhances the study of the Modern techniques.
The one hour jazz class consists of warm-up with stretching, isolations, strengthening and conditioning.
Turns, leaps, jumps, jazz walks and runs, with new combinations each class!
It is recommended that jazz students also participate in a ballet class to further enhance technical skills.
Hippity Hop (age 4-6)
This class serves as an introduction to Hip Hop for the younger student. The class focuses on rhythm,
musicality, basic footwork and flexibility as well as motor skill development and coordination. Obstacle
courses and working with hula hoops all help build and strengthen the motor skill development, all
while having fun! Students learn basic hip hop moves and have great fun dancing to kid-friendly pop
music and performing under the dancing lights! Hippity Hop students perform one routine in the May
DANCE! Concert.
Hip Hop (age 7 through 18)
These upbeat, high energy, fun-filled classes explore the exciting and popular dance genre with roots based in street jazz and pedestrian styles. Students will have a full aerobic type warm-up working on stretching, shythms, musicality, and upper body strength for floor work. Students dance center and across the floor with new combinations and routines each week.. Dancing lights and lasers add to the thrill of each class! Classes are grouped by age only. Hip Hop students perform one routine in the May DANCE! Concert.
AcroDance is a fun course that teaches basic acrobatic techniques including tumbling, conditioning,flexibility, proper form and strengthening along with basic jazz and novelty dance steps including kicks, jumps and turns. These classes are arranged by age and level of proficiency.  AcroDance students perform one routine in the May DANCE! Concert.
This class introduces the student to the feeling behind the steps! Popular contemporary songs are used in class. Students are encouraged to study ballet in conjunction with their lyrical class. Children are invited to tap into their individual creative imagery while developing their technical skills and musicality.
Musical Theater
This class one hour class is offered to students from the age of 6. It is upbeat, fun-filled, and challenging with it's acting exercises and games, jazz warm-up and combinations, songs and scripts from age appropriate shows and plays. Students work in small groups to develop characters and stories, while mastering teamwork and listening skills. Students will sing as well as pantomime, and use jazz as well as novel dance steps to complete their storylines. Musical Theater students perform in one routine/production in the May DANCE! Concert.
Irish Step
Irish Step consists of two disciplines in a one hour class, Soft Shoe and Hard Shoe. Irish step is a blend of stiff upper body and quick, precise movements of the feet. This includes reels, slip jigs, hornpipes, and jigs. Class starts with half hour of Soft Shoe with classic Irish warm-up, across the floor, and center work. Followed by Hard Shoe learning Irish Step moves with precise sounds to original Irish music. Terminology and history of Irish Step is also taught during class.